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USDA Pet Health Certificates for International & Domestic Travel

University Animal Hospital continues to excel as the best, and most highly recommended, provider of USDA Pet Health Certificates in New York City for both International and Domestic Travel.

Every country has very specific and unique health requirements.

Improper or incomplete travel paperwork can derail your travel plans, costing you valuable time, money and aggravation.

DIGITAL SUBMISSION (VEHCS)- We are proud to have been selected by the USDA to access their Digital Submission and Endorsement Platform (VEHCS) enabling us to expedite your pet’s international travel certification. Many countries now allow our veterinarians to electronically submit your pet’s certificates and supporting documentation to APHIS for review and USDA endorsement.

Our team of USDA-certified veterinarians have successfully helped pet owners prepare for travel domestically and abroad for many years. We will walk you through the process from start to finish. Our experienced team will ensure the accuracy of your documentation for your pet’s travel.

  • Domestic Travel Certificates

    A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, otherwise known as a health certificate, certifies that your pet is healthy, free from all contagious diseases, and able to travel within certain climates.
  • International Travel Certificates

    Only our USDA Accredited Veterinarians have the authority to both examine your pet and issue the USDA required paperwork for traveling internationally. As the requirements vary from country to country we strongly recommend you allow our experienced team to secure all of your necessary documentation.
“Very friendly and accommodating staff. Dr. Bucalo was wonderful and patient and concerned about my dogs health. I felt confident that I had brought my sick puppy to the right place and left feeling good about the treatment and follow up!”

About University Animal Hospital

University Animal Hospital is a full-service medical, surgical and dental clinic for dogs and cats, located in Manhattan.

The goal of our animal hospital is to provide superior veterinary care while showing compassion for pet patients and their owners. We treat our clients’ pets as if they were our own.

University Animal Hospital is staffed by a team of knowledgeable, dedicated and compassionate professionals working to provide the highest level of veterinary care.

Under the leadership of Dr. Lawrence Zola, the staff at University Animal Hospital has consistently demonstrated compassionate, loving and affordable medical care for more than a quarter of a century.

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Caring for your dog or cat’s oral health can make a significant difference in their quality of life, especially as he or she gets older. University Animal Hospital provides dental examinations, cleanings and advanced veterinary dental technology.


Many airlines now require health, temperament and vaccine certifications of service and support animals.

New Rules for Service Dog/ Comfort Animals on Airlines:

Our experienced team will share our many tips and recommendations for you and your furry friends highest level of travel comfort.

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